It's super convenient
Prepared by incredibly talented chefs for your goals and delivered direct to your door. Imagine going to the fridge and having all of your meals prepped for you! Think what you can do with the hours each week you can save cooking!

It's designed to fuel your fitness goals
Unlike almost all ready-prepped food we have an uncompromising focus on health and fitness. We use only clean ingredients, never add sugar, never add preservatives and design each meal so that it has the right amount of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates to power your fitness goals.

Great variety
When you are busy and have to cook for yourself, variety naturally goes out the window. Most people rotate the same 3 or 4 recipes each week. With Prepp'd you have a selection of over 30 different recipes, all designed by gourmet chefs. We will keep your diet interesting, fun and tasty!

No food waste
Keep finding partially used, mouldy ingredients at the back of your fridge? So does everyone else. Prepp'd boxes eliminate food waste. We measure out and cook the ingredients for you so that you don't have to buy bulk supplies only to use a small amount, saving money and the environment!

Meals you love back on the menu
We take all the foods that 'clean-eaters' miss and put them back on the menu. Using innovative, healthy ingredients and A LOT of trial and error we make incredible tasting versions of comfort food and sweet treats.

Great Taste
Our aim is to make each meal on our menu beg the question "How is something that tastes this delicious good for you?" We have tested 1000's of recipes and only the ones the left us craving more made the menu. We also make sure that only the bests chefs make your meals so that you really can get restaurant quality, fitness food, delivered to your door.

Highest Quality Ingredients
The key to great tasting, nutritious meals is using the highest quality ingredients. We never compromise on the nutritional quality of our ingredients, which includes freshness. We're lucky enough to be based in Somerset and use as many local suppliers as possible. Our chef's are also VERY picky about what ingredients they will use for taste, as each meal that leaves their kitchen is a reflection of their skill and integrity.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
We believe in the quality of our meals so much that if you are unhappy with your meals for any reason, let us know and we will replace them free of charge!


Is this a subscription service?
It's completely up to you. If you want us to deliver meals to you each week, so that you never have to worry about your nutrition, then you can choose weekly deliveries on the order page. You can pause, amend or stop your deliveries at any time by emailing info@preppd.co.uk. If you want to receive the meals just once then you can also do this on the order page.

How do subscriptions work?
You simply choose the weekly option on the Our Meal Boxes page and checkout. We will then send you your first box on the date you've chosen. Then on the same day each week we will deliver you your bundle of incredible, fitness meals. We use Paypal recurring payments which will come out on the weekly anniversary of your first payment. You can cancel, amend or pause your order at any time, just email us at info@preppd.co.uk or give us a call. We will continue to innovate and change our menu to keep it interesting and exciting for you! Just let us know if you are unhappy with any of our meals and we will replace free of charge.

How do I order?
Simple. Just head to the Get Prepp'd page, tell us your goal and how much of your nutrition you would like us to provide, then checkout. You can pay using paypal or all major credit/debit cards. We will then send you your bundle on the delivery date that you specified. If you have any questions in the meantime you can email us at info@preppd.co.uk

How much are your bundles?
Our bundles range from just £39.98 and go as high as you would like! We charge based on how much you eat so a 120kg bodybuilder will pay more than someone who weighs just 55kg. You can see how much your bundle will be by heading to the Our Meal Boxes Page, telling us your goal and choosing which bundle you would like. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email us at info@preppd.co.uk.

Which bundle should I choose?
If you are in any way unsure about which bundle to choose or would like advice from a nutritional standpoint please email us on info@preppd.co.uk and we would be delighted to help.


Free Nationwide Delivery
We offer nationwide free delivery on ALL of our bundles. No exceptions, you never have to pay for shipping.

How do the meals arrive?
We use an overnight delivery company. Your bundle will be packaged in temperature-controlled packaging to keep it cool all day. All meals will arrive with you freshly chilled and have a shelf life of 4 days. If you want to extend this we recommend freezing the meals on arrival and they will last for 4 months.  We will give you a one hour time slot for your delivery and can leave the package in a safe place if you would like.

What if I am not going to be home?
No problem! Just tell us at checkout where you would like us to leave your package and we can leave it in a safe place or with a neighbour.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver across the whole of mainland Great Britain. If you live in a more remote area get in touch with us and we will check with our delivery company and see what we can do!


Can I freeze the meals?
Yes, all of our meals have been designed to be 'freezablee'. Once frozen they can either be defrosted for 24 hrs in a fridge and eaten chilled or re-heated in an oven or microwave from chilled or frozen.

100% Satisfaction
If you are unhappy with your meals for any reason let us know and we will replace them free of charge!

Changing your meal preferences
You can amend your meal preferences at any time by emailing us at info@preppd.co.uk.

Pause, amend or stop your subscription at anytime
If you would like to pause, amend or stop your subscription at any time this is fine. Just email us on info@preppd.co.uk and we will be delighted to help.